I am a concerned member of the community that has well founded fears as to the influence that the powers that be have over myself, my family, my neighbors and all fellow inhabitants of earth; human and otherwise.

I believe the citizens are being forcefully pushed in a predetermined direction for the benefit of those in power.

 I have firm beliefs based on logic, open minded thought, a desire for the well being of all and honest personal values.

I believe that the status quo is nonfunctional, parasitic and inherently flawed. I believe that people have an intrinsic right to self governance and the ability to do so with the best interest of themselves, their neighbors and their environment in mind.

I believe in hard work, personal property and funds as well as charity and that if people were given the feasible option to care for each other without governmental interference then we would all be in a better place.

I believe that we are members of a global population of many species and should foster positive and beneficial interactions with all.

I believe one should form their own convictions and be true to them instead of pandering to whoever happens to be present and listening for whatever benefit they can obtain from it.

I believe that using others harmfully for personal gain is evil.

I believe in being able to choose one's actions while also being responsible for those actions.

I believe that people should be free to do as they please for the betterment of themselves and their circles outside of causing harm to others.

Image by Dave Sherrill