Classical Liberal Caucus endorses Patrick Wallace

Patrick Wallace has been endorsed by the Classical Liberal Caucus whos purpose is to advance and protect the principles of Liberalism in the Libertarian Party. By promoting the activism and candidacy of Classical Liberals in the Libertarian Party, we will strive to hold it to the principles of philosophers such as Thomas Paine, John Locke, and Friedrich Hayek.

As Americans lose faith in Republicans and Democrats, this is precisely the time for Libertarian candidates to put forward real world solutions to everyday problems. We have the answers to crime, housing, cost of living, and healthcare. We must articulate those answers effectively. Voters want solutions to their everyday problems; they want to know how to pay their grocery bill, not the economic theory behind why it’s so high.

As an organization, we are dedicated to growing the LP, holding the LP to the highest standard of professionalism, finding and developing effective communicators, and providing support and training for LP candidates and affiliates.

To learn more about the CLC and view Patrick's candidate page visit:

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